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Under Minor Construction

10.10.2010 - Alot of stuff going on!!! Doing alot of work on Crazy SnowBoarder and new Pet Project Crazy Skier.

01.30.2008 - So After years of PHP5 being out and PHP4 being at the end of its live, we finally migrated to PHP5!!!

01.01.2008 - Happy New Year!!! Enjoy and have alot of Fun!!!.

04.21.2007 - Ashton David Gligich was born weighting 6pl 13oz.

06.11.2005 - Got Married, pics are coming...

02.02.2005 - Found this cool site Obout has nice .NET controls... And made by one of our friend Iluxa

01.20.2005 - Finally Configures domain for Crazy SnowBoarding, i hope it will be picked by search engines soon...

01.05.2005 - Release a new version of bPoll v.0.6.1 and as always you can find info about it in Projects Section.

01.01.2005 - Happy New Year EveryBody, Have Fun and Enjoy!!!

11.12.2004 - Added new section Projects that will have some Computer related articles, codes snippets and projects. Added poll to the web site and released new version of the bPoll v.0.6

10.01.2004 - Unbelievably Huge Change to the Family Tree that happened on today.

08.18.2004 - Happy, Happy BirthDay to My sweet sweet Angelika. Best wishes and patios to handle my bad tempore. Some more small UI changes, Added a footer with link to source.

07.22.2004 - Small Change to the Family Tree that happened on 07.11.2004.

07.02.2004 - Small UI update, header is the same everywhere now, so it easy to navigate through "numerous" pages.

06.21.2004 - I am Planning to Add a Family Photo Album...

06.16.2004 - First Update in a long while. More pages, little more functionality, more content. More updates coming soon. Tree moved from main page.
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